Worship Together

Worship Together; Gathering In-Person Again Christ Lutheran Church

We are excited to be able to gather again at Christ Lutheran Church. As we do, we are following the recommendations and guidelines from the LA County Department of Public Health. Starting Thursday, June 11th, we will be offering in-person worship for those who are comfortable following the guidelines below. 

Service Times; Thursdays @ 7pm; Sundays @ 8am, 9:30am, & 11am

How to Attend Christ Lutheran Church

  1. Review our Wellness and Cleanliness Policy. We take the health of our community seriously and we want you to be aware of the practices being implemented during this time. 

  2. RSVP to your desired service at RSVP Today! Space is limited to 100 people per service.  

  3. Bring wine for Communion. Mini bottles (187 ml) are available at Sunrise Spirits in the parking lot adjacent to CLC. Also, sealed cups of grape juice will be available at worship.

  4. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the service begins to check-in at the Office Window. While waiting to check-in, please wear your mask and maintain six feet of distance. 

  5. Have your temperature checked by one of our nurses at a Wellness Station in the Narthex. An usher will then guide you to your pew.

  6. From there, it's just worship. We hear the promises of our Lord and Savior, we are convicted by His Spirit, and we are led to grace through a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

We can't wait to see you!​

Wellness and Cleanliness Policy RSVP Today! LA County Protocol for Places of Worship Navigating COVID19; the Good News during times like these


Have a question? Maybe we can answer it here!

  • "What do I do when I arrive?"  
    • We will have check-in volunteers available to guide you.  After checking in, our ushers and greeters will let you know when you can enter the Narthex for a temperature check, then enter the sanctuary to be seated.
  • "What if I don’t have a reservation?"  
    • If you don’t have a reservation, see our check-in volunteers when you arrive.  We are limited to 100 people per service, and we need to know who is in attendance for potential contact tracing, so we felt a reservation system would be most efficient.  However, we will leave some spots open for walk-ins and will accommodate as many as we can while remaining under 100.   
  • "Will there be coffee?"  
    • Initially, the Cup of Joy café will not be open.  No coffee nor any beverages will be available.  We do intend to bring it back after we gain some experience with being back on campus. 
  • "If I'm 65+ and would still like to come, can I?" 
    • Yes, but we are encouraging caution. The same is true for those with an underlying health condition. We won't be turning you away, but we are simply urging you to be cautious as you consider returning.
  • "Will the nursery be open?"  
    • The nursery will be open at the 9:30 service only, for children up to 36 months.  Nursery staff will be wearing masks, but will not be social distancing within the nursery.  Children will not wear masks in the nursery, and will be interacting.  Parents are asked not to enter the nursery.  You can check your child in at the door after you have been through the wellness station.
  • "Will there be communion?" 
    • Communion wafers and empty cups will be provided on the pews prior to the service.  Our Altar Guild volunteers will prepare this ahead of time, using masks and gloves.  You are welcome to bring a 187ml bottle of wine ( you can purchase these at Sunrise Spirits in the parking lot adjacent to CLC) to use during communion, or take just the wafer without wine.  Wine bottles of this size should be available at a grocery store.
  • "What if I don’t bring wine?"  
    • We will have prepackaged cups of grape juice.
  • "If I can't come to in-person worship, is there a way for me to still receive Communion?"
    • We're looking into ways to have the Communion from worship brought to your home shortly thereafter. If you are interested in receiving Communion in this way, please email Pastor Garrett directly at [email protected]
  • "Will masks be required?" 
    • Yes.  Masks are required to be worn at all times while on the church campus, including during the entire service.  We will also observe physical distancing.
  • "Will there be Sunday school?"  
    • There will not be Sunday school classes on campus, at least through the summer.  We will continue to offer online Sunday school lessons.
  • "Will the online service still be available?"  
    • Yes, we will still offer online worship.  This will continue to be a ministry of CLC, even after all in-person restrictions are lifted. 
  • "Will there be adult bible study?"  
    • We will not be holding adult bible study on campus initially.  We do intend to bring it back after we gain some experience with being back on campus. 
  • "Is the Thursday night service different?"  
    • The Thursday night worship service will be the same message as the Sunday following it.  It will be a full service, including communion.
  • "How long will this last?" 
    • We will follow the instructions of the LA County Health Department and the state of California.
  • "Will we be singing?"  
    • We will have live music, but we also require masks.  You are welcome to sing. We ask that you do not project, but temper your voice, or hum.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach us at the church office (661-259-0200) or by email at [email protected]

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