Week 1: Spirit of Power

Post-Easter Power Week 1 Spirit of Power

1. Hear: Go to 2 Timothy 1:1-7. Read the scripture out loud. Pick out one word or phrase that sticks out to you and then share with each other! 

2. Watch: Pick and click the grade range from the options below to watch your teacher's lesson for this week! 

Littles PreK-KKids of the Kingdom 1st-4thYouth Adventures 5th-8th
Young People 15-23 YouTube


3. Ponder: Look over the questions below and ask them to each other.

  • Timothy is young, Paul is old. Paul is writing to Timothy to encourage Timothy in his work for Jesus. Who are your Paul's in your life, or who are those who are encouraging you in your faith? Who are your Timothy's, or who are the ones who you are encouraging in the faith?
  • When you hear the word "power", what is the first thing that comes to mind? How would you describe God's power? What differences do you think there are between God's power and human power?
  • The Holy Spirit sets us as God's, by the power of the Holy Spirit we are made holy through Christ's work on our behalf. The Spirit is active in our lives right now. What if we lived with that always in mind. Do you think that would change how we see our lives? Why or Why not?

4. Explore: Try this suggestion out this week from your teachers! 

  • Everyone: Make a wind kite! Get out a brown paper lunch bag and any fun paper or decorations you have around the house along with some string. Use the bag as the foundation of a kite. Decorate the kite with markers, stickers, streamers, or any other creative ideas you have! On the bag write your goals, your worries, and the things you need God's guidance with. Hang the kite in your backyard or from a balcony this week. As you go about your week notice the wind pushing the kite back and forth. The Holy Spirit in the same way guides, shapes, and convicts us in our walk with Jesus. What a great way to be reminded that our desires, worries, and needs are in the hands of our great God who is truly powerful! 

5. Pray: Share your prayer needs. What is something that you are thankful for that you can thank God for this week? What is something you need help with? List your prayer needs and then go to God in prayer. He hears you each time you call on His Name. May God bless you this week, and make the Spirit guide, guard, and sanctify you each day!


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