Week 2: Spirit of Peace

Post-Easter Power Week 2 Spirit of Peace

1. Hear: Go to John 14:15-27. Read the scripture out loud. Pick out one word or phrase that sticks out to you and then share with each other! 

2. Watch: Pick and click the grade range from the options below to watch your teacher's lesson for this week!

Littles PreK-KKids of the Kingdom 1st-4thYouth Adventures 5th-8th
Christ Lutheran Young People

3. Ponder: Look over the questions below and ask them to each other.

  • This week is about peace and how the Holy Spirit brings us peace! When you hear the word peace what comes to mind? What is something that brings you peace? What does peace look like right now during social-distancing? Have you found or seen peace during this time?

  • Our teachers this week talked about prayer as a way toward peace. When we pray how does that work peace into us? What peace do we receive through prayer? Whose peace is it? 

  • Our key verse today is verse 27. Jesus promises peace to His followers through the power of the Holy Spirit. How does Jesus bring us peace? How does the Holy Spirit work peace into your life?

4. Explore: Try this suggestion out this week from your teachers! 

  • Littles: With your parents, find a Dove picture to print off the internet to color or to cut out. OR, draw your own dove to cut out and decorate. The Holy Spirit appears as a dove during Jesus' baptism, and the dove is also a symbol of peace. Think about how those two go together as you draw and craft! Hang your dove up in a space of yours this week to remember that the Holy Spirit is working the peace of Jesus in your life!

  • Kids: Make a quarantine friend, a peaceful peach! This week like Danette shows us in our Kids of the Kingdom lesson make a "peaceful peach" to remind you of the peace that God brings to us! Hang your buddy up to talk through your worries and needs with and then go to God with all of those situations and circumstances that are heavy on your heart! And hey! Ask mom and dad to pick you up some peaches at the market if they can! They're good, and good for you! 

  • Olders: This week take sometime set out 30 minutes to journal. When you get the pen and paper, think about peace in your life. What has brought you peace in the past? What was the most peaceful time of your life? Reflect on those moments and then journal how God worked in those moments. What did God do during those times? What were you doing during those times? End your journaling by brainstorming ways to cultivate the peace of Jesus in your life daily! Don't be scared to share with us your ideas in the comment section of the Young People lesson this week!

5. Pray: Share your peace needs! 

  • Where in your life do you need peace? Is it with a person, or a certain situation like school? List your peace needs and then go to God in prayer. He hears you each time you call on His Name. May God bless you this week, and may the Spirit bring you the peace of Jesus in all you do!

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