Week 4: Spirit of Wisdom

Post-Easter Power Week 4 Spirit of Wisdom

1. Hear: Go to John 16:4-15

2. Watch: Pick and click the grade range from the options below to watch your teacher's lesson for this week! 

Littles PreK-KKids of the Kingdom 1st-4thYouth Adventures 5th-8th

Young People 15-23


3. Ponder: Look over the questions below and ask them to each other.

  • Who are teachers in your life? Who shares wisdom with you? 

  • Jesus went away. He told his disciples that his leaving was coming. Who did Jesus send in place of his physical absence?

  • How does the Holy Spirit give us wisdom? Where do we hear and find God's wisdom? 

4. Explore: Try these suggestions out this week from our teachers! 

  • Younger: Go to the book of Proverbs with your mom and dad! Have your mom and dad read from the book of Proverbs each morning to hear the wisdom that Solomon learned and gleaned from God! Or, have your mom and dad search "Solomon color sheet" on Google, print it off, and then color a picture of the wise king Solomon. 

  • Olders: Go to the book of James! Read through the book of James in it's entirety this week. It is a short book and should not take too long! James talks about the wisdom that comes from above vs. the wisdom from below. How do you see God's wisdom in your life playing out? Share with us in the comment section of your teachers video!

5. Pray: Share your peace needs! 

There are lots of decisions and things we have to figure out on a daily basis! Where do we start!? Well as Christians we start with God and in prayer! What are the things that you have to decide or get through right now? Share those things with one another and then go to God in prayer! Have a blessed week and seek the wisdom from on high! Jesus is with you!


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