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We hope that these past four weeks you were able to grow deeper and connect through our Kids and Students videos and at-home curriculum. This week we are taking time to gear up for our next series starting April 26th! The series is titled Post-Easter Power and if that sounds familiar that's because it's the same series that Pastor Garrett will leading our congregation through during our worship time! We'll be posting more videos and at-curriculum starting next week over this 6-week series! 

Though we don't have your weekly teacher videos for this Sunday we offered you a quick bible study for you and the family to walk through together. We hope that you hear God's Word and that it refreshes your soul during this crazy time! God's blessings, and see you next week!!! 

In-Between Week Bible Study 

1. Hear: Go to John 20:11-18! Take some time and read it over! Try reading it aloud with those you're with, or even if you're by yourself. At this point in John, Mary Magdalene found the tomb empty and went and told Peter and another disciple! Peter and the other disciple left and now we have Mary in the garden alone. Go and read! 

2. Reflect: Go over each of the questions below and think them through! 

  • Mary does not recognize Jesus! When does Mary understand that who she is talking to is Jesus?
  • Jesus tells Mary not to hold on to him. Why do you think Jesus told Mary that? 
  • How does Mary feel at the beginning of John 20:11-18? How does Mary feel at the end?
  • What does she exclaim at the end? How do you share Mary's excitement over what she announces to the disciples!?

3. Explore: Think about this...

  • Mary knew Jesus really really well. She had seen him teach and preach, and she was super close to him as a friend and a follower. But, weirdly enough she didn't recognize him in the garden on that first Easter morning. Think about today. COVID-19 has brought us into some strange times. When we go out we have to wear masks and if we run into the people we know the best we might not even recognize them. To be recognized is something we all desire. Mary didn't recognize Jesus, but Jesus recognized Mary. It wasn't until Jesus said Mary's name when she recognized who the Gardner was that morning. Jesus calls all of our names. He calls us individually and he calls us as a family to hear His voice and to recognize His graceful and caring presence in our lives. He see's through our masks for who we are, but calls us as we are into His Kingdom. Mary begins in our passage today in a state of grief and sadness, but Jesus changes that. She goes to the disciples jumping for joy because she heard His voice, and she saw Him risen! May you rest this week hearing Jesus call your name!

4. Hear: Go to Isaiah 43:1-7. Read the passage out loud with those you are with or even if you are by yourself. As you read notice the God calls His people by name, but also shelters and protects them. 

5. Pray: Take time to share your prayer needs. Then pray for one another. Maybe try using the words of Isaiah 43 as a way to start your prayer!

Have a great week! God's blessings! 

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