Week 1: The Good Samaritan

Week 1

1. Read: Go to Luke 10:25-37 and read the scripture out loud. Pick out one word or phrase that sticks out to you and then share with each other! 

2. Watch: Pick and click the grade range from the options below to watch your teacher's lesson for this week! 


Kids of the Kingdom

Youth Adventures

Students! 8th-12th

3. Learn: Consider the following questions either by asking one another or asking yourself. 

  • What happened to the hurt man? To what length did the Samaritan go in order to help the hurt man?
  • Find 3 ways you can be a good Samaritan like Jesus during social distancing. 
  • What does Jesus want us to learn from the story He told us? 

4. Explore: Try these out from your teachers! 

  • Younger: With your mom or dad get out a piece of paper and draw a big heart on it. Then write or draw people in your heart who need help and/or love. Pray for all the people that you have listed each night.

  • Older: Go to Google! Type in "Good Samaritan" and then scroll through and you'll notice there is a specific type of institution that receives the name Good Samaritan often. Email what you get as the answer to [email protected]! Then think about why that is a great name for such an institution. 

5. Pray: Take time to think over your prayer needs and then end your time in prayer!

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