Week 3: The Good Friend

Week 3 The Good Friend!

1. Read: Go to Luke 19:1-10 and read the scripture out loud. Pick out one word or phrase that sticks out to you and then share with each other! 

2. Watch: Pick and click the grade range from the options below to watch your teacher's lesson for this week! 


Kids of the Kingdom

Youth Adventures

Students! 8th-12th

3. Learn: Consider the following questions either by asking one another or asking yourself. 

  • What was the big deal with being a tax collector? Why did Zacchaeus run up the Sycamore tree?
  • What did Jesus do when he saw Zacchaeus? How do you think Zacchaues felt? 
  • How was Jesus a good friend and Savior to Zacchaues? How is Jesus a good friend and Savior to you?

4. Explore: Try these out from your teachers! 

  • Everyone! Zacchaeus's name means "clean" or "pure". Ask your mom and dad about why they named you what they named you. Then after that, with mom or dad, or if you're older on your own, go look up what your name means! Then, look up what Jesus's name means! Can your name help you reflect on your relationship with Jesus? 
  • Students! Go share your name meaning in the comment section of the Students Week 3 YouTube video. 

5. Pray: Take time to think over your prayer needs and then end your time in prayer!

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