Week 4: The Good Savior

Week 4 The Good Savior!

1. Read: Go to Matthew 27:45-66 and read the scripture out loud. Pick out one word or phrase that sticks out to you and then share with each other! 

2. Watch: Pick and click the grade range from the options below to watch your teacher's lesson for this week! 

Littles Pre-k-K

KOK 1st-4th

YA 5th-7th

Students 8th-12th

3. Learn: Consider the following questions either by asking one another or asking yourself. 

  • How did Jesus pay for our sins? What happened to the sky when Jesus died? 
  • Why would Jesus suffer so much for us? What does Easter mean? How would Jesus come back to life?
  • How can we live with the Easter message each day? What does that look like at home with our loved ones?

4. Explore: Try these out from your teachers! 

  • Younger: SCAVENGER HUNT! It's time for you to go around your house and find all of the things that remind you of Jesus. Maybe it's Easter decorations, or crosses, or maybe bible verses on the walls! Go around the house and find what you can! How many things did you find? Share! 


  • Older: This is the week we would be normally making breakfast for the Easer services. THIS WEEK, plan a morning to make breakfast for your family! If you need help, recruit a parent to give you pointers, but whether it be a cereal bar or a full on healthy and hearty first meal of the day, make Easter Breakfast this week! Don't let quarantine stop you! If you do shoot a quick video and then share it with us at [email protected] for us to share in our upcoming video!


5. Everyone: Go to Matthew 28:1-15. Before you pray, read the passage out loud. This is the resurrection of our Lord! After you finish share together the greeting "He is Risen; He is Risen Indeed" three times back and forth each time with more enthusiasm! 

6. Pray: Take time to think over your prayer needs and then end your time in prayer!

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